Sushi Newbies: Here’s a Sushi 101 Guide

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Whenever I go to eat Sushi, I pay attention to these key elements.
Neta (ネタ): quality of the fish (a) freshness (b) cuts
Shari(シャリ): quality of rice (a) the temperature (b) taste (c) shape

I have certain level of expectations to each criteria and I can form my opinion of the sushi, almost instantaneously at the first bite.

Either it’s so great that I keep eating until they are all gone or tolerate to finish eating so that I don’t want to waste what I ordered.

Unfortunately, the only places in the Unites States that I had great sushi were in New York and Las Vegas.

Have no fear – I will continue to search out the BEST sushi in Columbus and report back with my results. 🙂

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